Top 20 Casino Slang and Phrases Terms Used in Casino Games

casino slang and phrases

People going to a casino website for the first time can be scary. But don’t worry! By being familiar with some of the most common casino slang and phrases, You will find online gambling enjoyable. However,  it can it tricky at times! Even the most experienced gamers may find it difficult to understand certain casino and gambling casino slang and phrases, which is why we have created this comprehensive list. We’ll go over some of the most widely used gambling slang, including some wild and unusual terms.

Here are the most commonly  used casino slangs and phrases and their meaning


The phrase “action” refers to playing at casinos. Action can be found playing slots or table games like blackjack and roulette. It’s your turn to take action when a dealer says, “The action is on you.”

Bankroll Casino Slangs and Phrases

The sum of money you have set aside specifically for gambling is referred to as your bankroll. That is the total amount of money most of us are willing to risk in a single trip to the casino. However, a professional gambler’s bankroll is the total amount of money they use for “work.”

Betting  limit

Betting limits are the maximum and minimum bet limitations set by a casino. It can also mean the maximum or least sum of money a gambler is permitted to risk on a particular game or gambling event.


It is the sum of money that remains in your account after you place a wager. Gamblers can use their balance to place bets and participate in other games.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are 3 reel video slots that have 2 rows of symbols. Many places also refer to these as Fruit Machines and Classic Vegas Slots.

Card Sharp

A player that is considered competent in card games is referred to as a card sharp. While you will enjoy playing with a card sharp in blackjack because he is only taking the dealer’s money, you don’t want to play one at poker because he will be taking your money as well.

Cleaning Cards Casino Slangs and Phrases

Card washing does not entail scouring the cards with a cloth and soapy water. It occurs when the dealer spreads the cards out face down and mixes them before shuffling. This is a term from casino slang that is no longer commonly used because automatic shuffling machines are utilized at most tables in modern casinos to save time.


Join the rewards program before your visit to a casino. Then, while playing, you accumulate comp points. You can eventually turn these points into a real prize, like a free meal or money off hotel accommodations at a casino.

Dual or Nothing

A wager that pays even money, meaning that if you win, your money doubles but if you lose, you get nothing. Red or black, or odd or even bets on the roulette wheel, are some examples.

Face Card

The kings, queens, and jacks in a deck of cards are also referred to as face cards. All of these are worth 10 in the majority of casino games.

Free  Spins

Free spins are those that you can use without having to pay for them. Free spins are one of the advertising strategies used by casinos. Typically, you may anticipate getting 20 free spins when you sign up.


If you are new to gambling, seasoned gamblers will refer to you as “fish.” So, if someone refers to you in that way, don’t be alarmed.


Casino Slangs and Phrases

It is a style of playing that seeks for slow, steady gains. A grinder is a calm and patient gambler who enjoys making little winning wagers over time.

House and housing Edge

A company called the house operates the casino. You may have heard the saying, “The house always wins.” Sadly, in the long run, that is accurate since the house edge—a programming feature that favors the house in every casino table game and slot machine—is always present. The casino would lose money without a house advantage and eventually go out of business.

Juice Casino Slangs and Phrases

Think of juice, which is also known as vig, as the commission the casino receives from particular games like baccarat, craps, and sportsbooks.

Overlay Casino Slangs and Phrases

An advantageous gaming scenario is referred to as an overlay. Consider the expectation that you will win more than you wager.

Pit Boss Casino Slangs and Phrases

You’ll see a well-dressed employee working at a station next to the dealers as you sit down at a blackjack table. The person in charge of ensuring fair play at all times is the pit boss, who is pictured above.

RailBird Casino Slangs and Phrases

Railbird in a casino, it’s usual to observe people observing games being played. They are known as railbirds, but they must maintain a safe distance in order to avoid interfering with the game or the players in any manner.

Toke casino

Tipping is sometimes known as toking. When you’re winning at blackjack or when you get a big pot in poker, it’s customary to give the dealer a small gratuity.


That whale is a large fish, as we all know. In gambling, the whale is a metaphor for a player who is content to lose millions of dollars without worrying about anything. A whale sitting at a table at a typical casino is rare.


More crucial than playing without information is knowing casino slang and phrases for gambling. The lack of acquaintance with casino terminologies is one of the main causes of repeated losses. Newcomers frequently struggle to understand the terminology used in casinos. Many of them begin gambling without having any experience in casino settings. For gamblers who wish to succeed over the long term, this is a bad practice. It doesn’t take long to become familiar with the language of casinos. Knowing what you hear in casinos is therefore advised.

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