Effective Craps Betting Strategy to Win at Craps

Do you want to learn how to play craps and win? Have you just recently started playing? Our best craps betting strategy advice for winning at craps will be given to you in this post. You will be able to join a table and play to win once you have finished reading this. You will be well-equipped to use luck to your advantage with a little knowledge and experience. Let us now begin to discover how to consistently win in craps!

What Will You Learn from Our Craps Betting Strategy Guide?

Playing online craps is a challenging game. You must so comprehend the game’s rules and available tactics if you hope to increase your chances of winning at the Craps table. This article will teach you the laws of the game and, for the most part, the optimal methods to employ in any Craps game.

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1. Low Risk Craps Strategy- Best for Beginners

A low risk craps approach might work best if you’re new to the game or are wondering how to win at craps with a modest bankroll. This uses a special strategy that combines place bets on the 6 and 8 with the don’t pass bet. Players can enhance their chances of winning and safeguard their cash by utilizing this technique. If you wager on don’t pass, you will come out ahead on a 2 or 3, but out of luck on a 7 and 11.

The best mathematical craps approach to safeguard your cash is this one. Following the first roll, the wager against the 7 will shield you from it; if the 7 comes up, the wager against it will win at a 1:1 ratio, and you will lose on the other two (smaller) wagers. Using this set of tactics, regular rolling of the numbers six and eight can result in respectable earnings.

2. Don’t Pass

This might be a rather wise bet if you don’t mind creating some enemies in the game. Many players may use the pass line as the foundation of their strategy, therefore making it the reverse of a group wager where everyone wins or loses together. If you’re playing by yourself, this is also an excellent wager to employ.

3.Best Mathematical -Craps Strategy

It is critical to comprehend the foundational mathematics of craps. Ultimately, it’s a probability and chance game where the winning combinations of two dice are determined by the losing combinations of the dice. Depending on the type of bets you have placed, these figures may indicate a win or loss.

If you don’t know how these figures relate to one another, you could lose a lot of money.

The optimal strategies for you will depend on your betting limits and level of experience. While each strategy has a distinct mathematical edge, over time they typically balance out. To find the optimal mathematical craps strategy for you, you should vary your bets rather than trying to predict every roll’s outcome. You will need to take the house edge into account for each bet.

4. Don’t Pass, Don’t Come

Essentially, this strategy works as follows: if a 12 is thrown, the Don’t Pass becomes a Push and you get your money back; if a point is then thrown, you can place a Don’t Come bet; similarly to the Pass Bet, this pays out if the shooter lands a 2 or a 3 on the following roll, and again, a 12 will result in a Push. This type of bet requires experience, so you should think about your background before placing one of these kinds of bets.


We hope that by now you have a better understanding of the various craps methods and strategies available to you, and you have probably surmised that what is effective for one player might not be effective for you.

Your funds may suffer if you enter this game with little knowledge. Begin with modest wagers, gain expertise, and you’ll quickly discover how to take advantage of each tactic.


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