Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid as New Player in Craps Casino Games

Craps Casino Games

In the casino, craps casino games are one of the most played games. Craps is not only very well-liked, but it’s also a ton of fun to play. The game of craps has a few straightforward traps that are simple to overlook. The majority of novice mistakes in craps are due to disregarding basic gambling laws, although some of the biggest mistakes in craps are more frequently made by experienced players.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 common mistakes to avoid as a new player in craps casino games

Craps Casino Games

1. Stick To The Best Craps Casino Games Strategies

There are numerous bets available at craps tables, but only two bets should be placed. The only two wagers you should place on the dice are “don’t pass” and “odds.” Any additional wager is erroneous and increases the casino’s advantage.

Additionally, it’s a mistake to wager more on a don’t pass than what the table allows. You should play at online and mobile craps tables because they have lower table minimums.

When playing mobile and online craps, just be mindful not to play too quickly. There is too much money at stake in this.

2. Not Holding The Dice Over The Table at Craps Casino Games

There are many regulations at casinos, most of which are designed to prevent either cheating or employee theft. Always keep the dice in the boxman’s and dealers’ line of sight. We’d explain what a “boxman” is, but this isn’t the kind of list where we’d do that.

3. Thinking You Can Predict The Craps Casino Games Dice

This is a mistake that I frequently observe even expert-level Twitch craps players make. You place wagers on a five because you see it appear six or seven times. Since you haven’t seen an eleven all night, you place a wager.

Making the assumption that you can predict the outcome of the dice based on previous rolls is erroneous. That is not how probability operates. You would anticipate that all 36 outcomes of the dice in a number generator like the ones used in online craps would be distributed equally, but only over an unlimited number of rolls.

4. Not Knowing The Chip Denomination Colors

Recently, we spotted this one at a casino in the city, and it was really cute. Make sure you are aware of the colors that correspond to each chip denomination before you start playing. For instance, red chips are usually valued at $5. $25 is the value of a green, etc. This is really beneficial when a kind dealer says, “If you’d like to bet on 6 and 8, I’ll need $12.” Chaos results if not.

5. Holding A Drink Over The Table

Indeed, some gamblers drink occasionally. The felt on table games is particularly prone to spills as a result of this. Consequently, take a sip and set your drink down on the designated “rail” below (and don’t forget to tip your server). By the way, there is a large space for your wins on the chip rail, which is located on top.

6. Not Understanding Your Bankroll Up Front

Many gamblers don’t calculate their bankroll in advance of playing. The phrase “bankroll” refers to the amount of money you’re prepared to wager during a gambling session or the weekly budget you’ve established.
Your gaming style should be influenced by your bankroll. You might start out with extremely modest risk and save your high-risk wagers until when your bankroll is nearly depleted. Due to the lack of actual chips, players at online craps casinos are more likely to undercount their bankroll.

7.Taking Mostly Bets With A High House Edge

Bets with a big house edge are another very typical craps error. Some players will forsake the most fundamental tactics in favor of frequent, large prizes.

This isn’t a bad notion if you’re trying a Martingale approach and you have a substantial bankroll. These high-risk wagers will be avoided by the majority of gamblers. A larger possibility of winning on each roll belongs to the dealer and the casino, which is known as the house edge. A larger payoff attempts to make up for this, but that only serves to attract newcomers to the game of craps.

8. Touching The Dice With Two Hands.

Shooting the dice is fun, and if you’ve never played craps before, experienced players will enjoy seeing you do it. Just remember to shake the dice or throw them with just one hand. The house gets worried when two hands are used (since some cheaters try to replace the dice for loaded ones).

9. Dangling Hands Over The Table.

Craps casino games players in particular are notoriously superstitious. Keep your hands away from the dice to avoid their stern gaze. Clapping for hot shooters is a better use of your hands.

10. Shouting Out Late Bets.

It’s a common adage among dealers, “Get your bets in early!” It might be confusing and slow down play at the table if you wait until the last second to place a wager. Prior to the dice being moved toward the shooter, place your bets when they are in the center of the table.


Although it’s a fun casino game, you should exercise caution when placing your bets. Based on the casino’s house edge, very few craps casino games bets are worthwhile investing your time and money on. Your chances of leaving the casino a winner will increase if you stay away from the aforementioned frequent craps blunders.

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