Best Darts Betting Strategy

As darts continue to gain popularity, the top betting sites have responded by adding more Darts Betting Strategy, markets and promotions than ever before since they know that punters want a piece of the action too.

 Darts Betting Strategy
In an attempt to assist you in outwitting the bookmakers, we’ve put together our best darts betting strategy for February 2024 below.

Continue reading to develop your darts betting strategy and discover how to wager on live darts while games are in progress.

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Best Darts Betting Strategy

1 Darts Betting Strategy – Use Statistics Wisely

Average scores and checkout percentages are helpful statistics, but they don’t always tell the whole story. Contextualizing these stats and taking into account a player’s performance under pressure or against specific opponents can paint a more accurate picture. Watching a lot of darts throughout the year is the best way to combine context and stats, allowing you to use the ‘eye test’ in addition to the numbers to help place winning bets.

 2 – Know The Darts Calendar

Gamers will typically give some competitions priority over others and may reach their peak at specific times. Placing bets can include understanding the background of many events that occur throughout the year.

Performance by players can be impacted by the crowd and the venue. Certain players do better in some environments while struggling in others.

When facing an experienced veteran of the oche in the World Darts Championship, for instance, a relative novice would find it difficult to prevail in front of a boisterous Ally Pally crowd.

 3 – Darts Betting Strategy – Take Format Into Account

There is much variation in the format of darts matches; longer matches are typically found in the more prominent tournaments.

The best players can bounce back from a poor start more easily in longer formats. In contrast, underdogs are more likely to pull off an upset in shorter forms.

Betting on darts effectively requires an understanding of these dynamics.

4 – Research The Form

The key to successful darts betting is knowing how form influences performance. To gain useful information, check out a player’s past performance in particular tournaments, head-to-head records, and recent results. The official PDC website offers a comprehensive results database if you’re looking for previous head-to-head results.

 5 – Darts Betting Strategy- Specialise in a Market

With the greatest betting apps, there are numerous darts betting markets to select from, including match winners, highest checkouts, accurate scores, total 180s, and much more.

In order to become an expert in those markets, it could be prudent for you to focus your darts betting strategy on only one or two of them.

By specializing in this way, you may be able to recognize value more quickly.


Ultimately, the key to winning darts betting is a thorough comprehension of the rules, players, and the particulars of various competitions.

Always take into account the players’ past performances in similar circumstances or at similar times, as well as their head-to-head record and present form. Due to their enormous influence on results, it is also imperative to consider the tournament format and psychological components of the game.

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