5 Easy Real Money Dice Games to Gamble on

Dice Games

Simple dice games are available at many casinos. These might be games you can play at home. So gather the kids; things are about to become simple.

The first dice-based game that comes to mind when you think of gambling is undoubtedly real money crap. However, we’re going to make it even simpler. Craps can be entertaining. Remember that the dice games I’m about to explain are frequently localized games. Here are 5 simple dice games you should play to expand your dice gaming horizons and make your time at the table as comfortable as possible.

1 Klondike Dice Games

Five dice are used in the game of Klondike. It’s straightforward: the player rolls after the dealer rolls in an effort to roll a higher combination. There are 6 different possible pairings. They are: 5 of a kind, 4 of a kind, full house (3 of a kind and a pair), 2 pairs, and 1 pair in order from highest to lowest.

In real money casinos, you can put a wager to “beat 2 aces,” which requires you to roll 2 pairs, or to roll a combination higher or lower than the dealer.It can be more difficult than you think to consistently win this game because all ties count as wins for the house. The major lesson here is that Klondike does have a house edge, and since the dealer wins on ties, you end up with a house edge of about 5%.

2 Hazard

As hazard is thought to be the ancestor of the casino game craps, you should try it if you’re looking for a more straightforward version of the game. Apparently invented much earlier than many gambling games, this game’s beginnings are a fun truth.

Numerous gambling games have their origins in prehistoric China or Egypt; we’re talking thousands of years here. nevertheless, not risk. In the 12th century, European crusaders are thought to have invented hazard. That was certainly not yesterday, but it was also not that long ago.

There are simply a few rules to follow in this dice game that is played with two dice. You must first choose among the players who will roll first. The caster is the term for this individual. The caster selects a number from 5 to 9. The caster’s “main” number is referred to as such.For this number, the caster may also roll.

5 Banca Francesca

Similar to Baccarat, Banca Francesca is played with dice rather than cards. However, this form of the game is mostly popular in Europe, mainly Portugal. The name is translated into English as “French Bank” literally. You can play this game without knowing Portuguese, so don’t be concerned.

Simple rules apply. On one of the game table’s three betting places, players place their chips. The betting categories are “big,” which denotes a roll of 14 to 16; “small,” which denotes a roll of 5 to 6; and “aces,” which denotes a roll of 1 on all three dice. The likelihood of rolling an ace is quite low. Aces bets pay out 61 to 1 and big and small bets pay out 1 to 1.

Fortunately, players are permitted to alter their wagers prior to the roll of the dice, so feel free to take your chips out if you bet aces but aren’t feeling lucky.

This game is worth playing because it has a lower house edge than some of the other ones I’ve listed, which is roughly 1.5%.

4 Sic Bo Dice Games

Sic Bo first appeared in China and later spread to the West in the late 1800s. Sic Bo is a simple game to learn, but it could seem scary if you encounter this gaming table at a casino.

There are payout odds for each dice combination on the game table. The dealer will typically throw the dice using an electronic dice shaker after you place your wagers on the table.

There are three betting portions on the table. You can wager on whether a certain number appears on one, two, or all three dice. Even a spot for combination bets is provided on the table, but the options are limited. Here, there are fewer chances of winning. You can also wager on the total number that is rolled. There is hardly any thought required because the table provides specific information on every conceivable number you might wager on, along with the odds of winning. Make sure your real money is being tracked, though.

5 Chuck-a-luck Dice Games

One: Chuck-a-luck
Many smaller casinos offer Chuck-a-Luck. Due of how showy the game can be, it is both easy to understand and exciting. The dice are kept in the game’s enormous spinning hourglass.

The dealer will start cranking and spinning the hourglass after the players at the table place their bets. As the cage spins, three substantial dice fall inside. You can put one of five different kinds of bets.

Different betting regions are separated on the game table. You can wager on the outcome of a roll of the dice by placing chips on any one of the six numbers.


Gambling with real money is meant to be enjoyable, or at the absolute least, not to be labor. These simple dice games can soothe you or get your heart racing.

But in any case, none of them have a very high learning curve. In actuality, all of the dice games presented here are completely random. Try them out if that’s what you’re looking for.

Have you ever played any of these dice games? Are there any additional simple dice games that you believe need to be mentioned? Post a comment with your ideas and experiences on simple dice games.

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