Introduction to Dart Betting- Guide For Beginners

Dart Betting

One of the most well-known sports, darts began as a bar game in the 1800s. Darts betting is now available on many different betting sites because the game has developed into a competitive sport. As with betting on any sporting event, in order to put effective bets on darts you must be familiar with the game and its rules. There are numerous darts betting odds available in sportsbooks, making darts betting a popular choice. You need to be familiar with darts before you begin betting on them, and this article will walk you through the fundamentals.

Darts Betting for Beginners

Darts, a game primarily played in pubs around the nation, began to gain popularity when players like Jocky Wilson and Eric Bristow began to demonstrate a higher level of ability in their darts play. Phil Taylor, who has won a record 16 World Championships, is undoubtedly the most well-known player in the history of darts.

To witness darting competitions in the modern day, tens of thousands of people cram into arenas all around the globe. Most PDC events, like the most recent World Championships where Peter Wright defeated Michael van Gerwen, are in front of sold-out crowds, whether it be the World Championships at Ally Pally or the Premier League around Europe.

Darts Rules

There are two or more players, and the basic rule of darts is that each player throws a dart into the cork board in turn. In addition to the rings on the outer and centre of the board, which serve as the double and triple scoring zones, specific scoring zones with a scale of 1 to 20 are used to decide the points.

When a player hits the triple 20, they can score up to 60 points in one dart, or if they miss the cork board, they receive zero points. The basic objective is to reset starting positions to zero, and players must end on a double or the bullseye. A turn in a professional championship competition consists of three darts, and competitors begin with 501 points.

Players must remember that in order to win, they must finish on a double or a bullseye while driving the numbers. Some will attempt a triple 20 or triple 19 to score as many points as possible. If you make your final double, you take the leg. Darts has a fixed number of legs that varies depending on the tournament. A player may need to win three legs in a match to gain a set or three sets in a match if it is divided into sets.

This is crucial to understand when placing a darts wager since you can wager on the number of legs in a game or the proper set score. Always examine the tournament you’re betting on because in order to win, the set chosen must finish as your chosen bet type.

Betting on Darts Explained

How to bet successfully on Darts

When it comes to strategy, betting on darts can be similar to most other sports. A player who is in good form entering a tournament typically does well in that tournament. Similar to this, you can always find consistent players in particular tournaments, whether it’s due to the venue, the format, or simply their overall draftsmanship.

It’s useful to see how players’ averages compare to one another before games because a higher average generally indicates greater form. The top players in the world will be seeking a three-dart average of greater than 95, with the game often being won by the player with the highest average.

However, that doesn’t happen in every instance. A player with higher finishing ability may end up hitting more doubles than the opposing player in a match, throwing the average out the window, similar to how possession metrics work in football.

Where Can I get Darts Statistics?

When placing a wager on a certain game or competition, darts statistics are crucial to consider. It’s crucial to examine the numbers to assess how players have performed in past contests, paying particular attention to the number of victories, 180s thrown, and doubles struck.

Dart averages have already been mentioned, however they are important statistics to concentrate on while reviewing previously played games. You may also get a better idea of what to bet on before the match begins by looking at head-to-head matches involving two players who you know will be competing against one another in tournaments or league formats.

As a skill-based game, darts requires elite players to perform at such high levels that even the slightest hint of an increase in averages or better finishes will aid you when it comes to betting.

How to use darts statistics for betting

In addition to showing the number of matches played during a certain time period, the Darts Database also provides information on each player’s average performance during that time. Michael van Gerwen, who has played in 240 games over the past two years and has an average of 100.12, is the best illustration of this.

Darts Odds Explained

When betting on the sport, darts odds are very important. The amount you will win if you put a winning wager depends on their sizes, which give an indication of the likelihood that a result will occur. According to the bookmaker, darts odds typically range from 1.10 to 400 or more.

The darts market you choose will affect the odds you receive, so keep that in mind. Additionally, odds for underdogs are typically higher than those for favorites. Darts odds forms are also variable to accommodate various players, in addition to odds values. The bookmaker you select may also provide different odds types, such as decimal, European, American, and Malaysian.

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Bet on Darts

Darts betting is a quick and simple process. You should open the bookmaker on your computer and follow these instructions to do this.


  • Log into your account
  • Deposit some cash which you will use to wager on darts
  • Navigate to the darts section
  • Pick the tournament and the darts match you wish to bet on
  • Go through the markets
  • Wager some cash
  • Submit the bet slip

Verify the minimum and maximum stakes that can be placed before placing any bets. This will prevent your wager from being thrown out.

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