5 best Las Vegas casinos

las vegas casinos

To be clear, though: Not all Las Vegas casinos resort destinations are the same. While some locations specialize in offering casinos, others flourish in the food and beverage industry. While some are fantastic for non-gamblers, others have excellent spas.

The following list includes 12 of our favorite casinos and hotels where visitors can gamble, eat like a king or queen, party like Rhianna or Ed Sheeran, and take in some breathtaking vistas while they play


1. Best Las Vegas casinos for sports betting: Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace’s sports book, which is the area of the casino where you can place bets on sporting events, is a haven for sports fans. It attracts large crowds and offers a tailgating-style atmosphere during major games in its 15,580-square-foot section of the gaming floor.

The pride and joy of the book is a 138-foot LED video wall that consists of six extra-large 12-by-15-foot screens, 12 50-inch plasma panels, and a 20-by-50-foot LED board showing current betting lines on all the sports.

Because of this setup, the casino’s oddsmakers can choose to broadcast dozens of sporting events at once. A bar and 140 comfortable chairs were added during renovations in 2017, and a new app allows bettors to order food from a small menu and have it delivered right to their seats.


2. Best Las Vegas casinos for slots: ARIA

Along with having one of the biggest slot machine floors on the Las Vegas Strip. ARIA also has one of the most prestigious high-limit slot rooms in all of Nevada.

Some machines in that high-limit area, called SPIN, have pull prices of up to $5,000. In addition to having a private bathroom, a full-service eating area, and a staff of butlers to tend to each guest’s requirements, it was created by New York-based architect Peter Marino.

Nearly 2,000 slot machines total, including popular modern titles like Anchorman, Wheel of Fortune 3-D, The Simpsons.  The Walking Dead II. A slot tournament is held at the casino numerous times a year.

3. Best Las Vegas casinos for poker: Bellagio

The Bellagio’s poker room, which has 40 tables and a healthy mix of limit and no-limit Hold ‘Em (with a daily tournament at 2 p.m.), Omaha, and other games, is still a favorite among professionals and novices alike despite the emergence of newer venues.

The biggest stakes games take place in Bobby Baldwin, a former World Series of Poker champion and current CEO for MGM Resorts International, in a back room known as Bobby’s Room. If you look back there late at night, you might see professionals competing for millions.

5. Best casino for diversity of table games: Golden Nugget

The swankiest casino in downtown is also the greatest location to try a wide range of table games.

The Nugget’s floor managers have a history of welcoming table-game pilots, so depending on your visit, you might find one or two brand-new games on the main gaming floor.

For instance, this was one of the first casinos to offer Free Bet, a blackjack variant that gives players ample opportunities to boost their wins in return for ties when the dealer gets 22 (as opposed to traditional blackjack, when a dealer bust and a win for the players result from a 22).

Golden Nugget offers table games outside by the pool in addition to the regular stream of visitors inside; just make sure to keep your money in a waterproof pocket.

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