Baccarat Glossary/ Baccarat Terminology-Part 2

Baccarat Glossary

let’s jump on this and finish up as we have already discussed Glossary of the popular Baccarat games in the previous article.


One of the baccarat glossary slang terms used to describe a ten or a face card is “monkey.”


the eight decks, each with 52 cards. During the shuffle, these are employed.


Another well-known term from the vocabulary of  glossary used in Baccarat. A natural hand is one in which the sum of the first two cards is 9 or 8.


An extended flat stick that croupiers use at the baccarat table to move the cards around without touching them

Panda 8 Bet

A side wager. If the player’s three-card total is higher than the dealer’s hand and exceeds eight, the wager is deemed successful. is worth 25 to 1.


High rollers have a separate section called the “pit” where players can play at bigger stakes.

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This term can be rather confusing, especially for novice players who would normally identify it with the other players in the game. This is one of the three wagers that are offered in Baccarat, along with Banker and Tie. Player bets are the opposite of Banker bets in that players can place a wager on either the Banker or the Player, or they can select a Tie. Player bets pay 1:1 and have a slight house advantage of 1% or more.

Punto Banco

One of the most popular Baccarat variants worldwide is Punto Banco. It translates to “Player Banker” and is another name for the Baccarat game.


Another well-liked Baccarat variant is railroad. It is also known as Chemin De Fer in French.


A side wager that enables wagering on multiple hands.


The apparatus for holding multiple decks of cards. The majority of table games have them on the felt next to the dealer.


A term used to describe The bank

Shuffle up

refers to the dealer’s initial shuffle of the deck.


consecutive outcomes; a string of victories or defeats.

Super pan nine

Another well-liked Baccarat variant in which one player serves as the bank.

Table of play

The guidelines by which game players are permitted to draw a third card.


One of the three wagers available. The player and the banker both receive their stakes back if a hand results in a tie. If you place a bet on a tie and win, you will receive an 8:1 or 9:1 payout. The house edge on tie bets, however, is greater than 14%.


An upcard is a card that is facing up, as the name implies. Another term from the Baccarat lexicon that is frequently used is “upcard.”


the proportion of winnings that the casino retains for itself.


A label applied on high rollers.


One of the oldest and most popular casino card games in the world is baccarat. Since the eighteenth century, the rules and organization have changed. And during that time, both players and dealers (sorry, croupiers) have picked up slang phrases.

Although the language used at a blackjack table is a little more weird, it nonetheless serves the same goal in baccarat. Try a few of these terms out on your next trip to the tables if you’re new to the game of baccarat to liven things up.

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