Baccarat Glossary / Baccarat Terminology-Part 1

Baccarat Terminology

At both physical casinos and online casinos, baccarat is one of the most played games. Despite the fact that it is a simple game to learn, its numerous variations are full of peculiar and unusual terminology that may sound bewildering to a novice ear. Because of this, we’ve developed the most comprehensive vocabulary of baccarat words, slang, and phrases so that everyone, expert or not, can quickly understand the game.

Before you begin playing Baccarat, be sure to read the definitions of the words and casino jargon listed below.


In baccarat, this term might mean one of two things. First, it could be the total sum of money bet by all players or just one player during a hand. Second, it can be the hand’s movement or what is going on right now.


The title of the contest. also referred to as “Punto Banco.” Baccarat, which in Italian means “zero,” refers to the poorest conceivable hand—a hand with a value of zero.


The Spanish word for bank or banker is banco. The dealer in Baccarat is sometimes referred to as the banco.

Banker Bet

The third of the three bets available in baccarat. When betting on the banker’s hand to win (as opposed to a “player bet”), this is what happens. Pays 1:1, however winning wagers are subject to a 5% commission fee.


The amount of money you allocated for the baccarat session. Always stay within your comfort zone.


The phrase is of French origin and is used to ask the dealer for one more card. “Hit me” is translated as “Carte” in French.

Chemin de Fer / Chemmy

The standard form of baccarat, in which a single player can assume the role of the bank and place bets on the banker’s hand at any given time. The player’s hand must bet on by the other table players. Every player has a chance to be the banker because the position is rotated clockwise. The player who is the banker will frequently also deal the cards while the croupiers watch. The most common variation of this game is played in France, however it is very uncommon in American casinos. This game is often reserved for really high rollers.


Across in French. Depending on the game style, a “cheval” bet is won if the bets are won by both active players. If one player wins and the other loses, the wager is a standoff, and the “cheval” wager is still in effect. The wager is forfeited if both players lose. In some variations of Baccarat, a player with two hands may place a “cheval” wager. In the event that the player wins both hands, they also win the “cheval” bet and the round. It’s a tie if only one hand wins.


On a player’s wins from a bet on the banker, casino operators keep 5% as a commission. This fee guarantees that the house edge continues to benefit the casino.


After the cards have been shuffled, cut means to divide the deck of cards in half. The sliced deck is then put back together.

Cut Card

Once the cards have been shuffled, this unique plastic card is used to cut the deck.


Dealing and drawing cards are the responsibility of the dealer. He also oversees the efficient operation of the game.

Delux Tableau

one of the words used the most in Baccarat. The term “Delux Tableau” also applies to Baccarat en Banque.

Discard Tray

Cards that are discarded for whatever reason, such as “burning” them before to dealing, are put in the discard tray.

Dragon Bonus

In the vocabulary for Baccarat, one of the often used terminology. With the dragon bonus side bet, players can wager on both one of the players and the banker. Players can also wager on the number of points a winning hand will have in addition to this.

Edge Sorting

Players can distinguish between cards by using the edge sorting method. There is a pattern on the reverse of each card. Players can recognize the patterns because of the slight variations between them.

Face Cards

Face cards are cards with portraits on them.


Fading refers to the act of betting against someone. It’s one of the phrases in Baccarat that is frequently used solely in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Flat Bet

one of the most widely used words in Baccarat. A flat bet is when a player consistently wagers the same amount of money on both winning and losing hands.

House Edge

The casino’s numerical advantage over the player, frequently stated as a percentage. The minimal house edge in baccarat is well known.


Another idiom used in Baccarat. Three dealers play the game of baccarat. A dealer who oversees the game of baccarat is known as a ladderman.


To borrow money from the casino, you must sign a document known as a marker. When a player states, “I want to pay off my markers,” he or she is referring to the amount that was borrowed.

Match Play

Casinos employ match play incentives to get customers to wager on their games. These bonuses only apply to games with even money and have a single use. Depending on the casino’s rules, baccarat may be regarded as an even money game, allowing players to benefit from the match play bonus and receive double their real money wagers without having you match them.

Mini Baccarat

A scaled-down version of the standard Baccarat table, comparable to a blackjack table with space for up to seven players and one dealer. The tiny version of the game is favored by large numbers of players because it also has reduced table restrictions and quick gaming. The dealer will deal the cards face-up in Mini Baccarat games played online, but face-down in physical casinos.

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