Craps Slang and Terminology-part 2

Craps Slang

In our previous article, we had discuss Craps Slang and terminologies ranging from A-M… This particular article will finish up the remaining alphabetical arrangement

let’s go


Natural: On the come-out roll, a seven or an eleven indicates a winning wager.

Nine: Choosing to bet or roll a 9.

Nickle: For a $5 gaming chip, in slang.


Off: When no point has been established, use the come out roll.

One Roll Bet:A craps wager that loses or wins in just one roll. ​

Odds Bet: Making an odds bet entails placing a wager in addition to the pass line wager.

Off and On: When a new come bet has the same number as an existing one, the dealer will pay off both bets in the same manner.

On: Actively making bets.

Outside Numbers: The numbers 4-10-5-9.


Pass Line Bet: A bet placed on the come out roll where you are predicting that the shooter will score.

Parlay: Letting winnings ride on. the following wager.

Place bet: A wager that a specific number (such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) will be rolled prior to a 7

Point: The number determined by a come out roll is described by yet another common Craps name.

Proposition Bet: Putting money on a wager that is in the layout’s center.


Right Better: Placing a wager on the pass line

Rack :the rail with grooves where you keep your chips.


Seven Out: When a shooter rolls a seven before reaching their point and loses the pass line bet.

Shooter : When you or another player rolls the dice, you are known as the Shooter, and this can lead to a variety of dice combinations in craps.

Snake Eyes: The number 2 in slang. also known as aces.

Stickman: When the dealer calls the rolls while pushing the dice to the shooter with a stick.


Toke:A another term for a tip

Take odds: To back a Pass or Come with odds. Gambling on the shooter to defeat

True odds: The actual payout odds when the house advantage is 0%


Wrong bettor: The shooter is being bet against.

World Bet: Selecting a horn number and a seven as a bet

Working: A wager that is active and has a chance to win or lose.

Whirl: A five-unit wager that combines a horn and an any-seven wager, with the understanding that the wager is a push if a seven is rolled since the wager’s winnings on the seven are forfeited on the wager’s horn components. The odds for the 2, 12, 3, and 11 are 26:5, 11:5, and a push for the 7, respectively.


Yo or Yo-leven: The term used to describe a roll of eleven in order to distinguish it from a “seven.”


Knowing Craps Terms Will Help You Play Better

The game of craps is not simple to learn; it requires time to practice and master the appropriate technique while utilizing a variety of techniques. You’ll be halfway there, though, if you can pick up some Craps jargon and terminology.

This does not imply that before beginning to play, you must know these terms off by heart. Our lexicon is fantastic since it is always available for you to use as a resource. To increase your understanding, you might be able to read literature on craps.

It will be difficult to play Craps without understanding some terminologies, such as Point and Pass Line Bet. The less common terminology will become more familiar to you as you proceed.

But it will undoubtedly improve your ability to play the game if you can enter a game of Craps knowing the most common terminology.

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