A Guide To world Of Slot Machine Slang and Terminology

Slot Machine

For new slot players, the vocabulary of the slot machine can be bewildering. Learn the terms used in the slot machine industry by looking through our detailed definitions of each term.

To help you comprehend all of our how-to instructions for playing slots, we compile a comprehensive glossary of terms often used in the video slots, online slots, and casino slot machine industries. It’s critical to comprehend everything you can about slot machines, including their features, symbols, and different varieties.

Top 20 slot machine slang and terminology

1. Action

refers to either the amount wagered by a single player or the total amount wagered by all players together during a certain period of time.

2. Candle

The light that appears on fruit machines and rises when you complete a combo or otherwise achieve a win.

3. Fruit machine

This phrase refers to slot machines since typically, the symbols that display on your screen have a fruit theme.

Many slot game creators, however, choose to put a fresh spin on the symbols by offering products with Egyptian themes or drawing influence from well-liked pop-culture inventions.

4. Coin out

When a combination of two or three symbols results in double or triple wins.

5. Autoplay / Autospin

You can program the machine to play automatically or to spin a certain number of times by using the autoplay and autospin options. After every round, autoplay is typically cancellable.

6. Bars-Slot Machine

Bars are traditional black slot machine symbols with the word “BAR” in white. They are available in single, double, and triple stacked forms and are frequently the lowest paying.

7. Basic Slots

Simple slot machines have three reels and one payline. There are no unique traits and the award is always the same.

8. Bonus Feature / Game

Free spins, additional wilds, or other significant win potential are offered via a bonus feature or bonus game. In the game’s paytable, you can find instructions on how to initiate the feature.

9. Paylies and Ways To Win

The time when the middle line across the reels served as the victory line is long gone. To win on this one line, you needed to line up matching symbols. You can now wager on a number of paylines that create complicated patterns across the reels. On each one spin, there are easily hundreds of different ways to win.

10. Grid Slot

When a game has the same number of rows as reels, it is known as a “grid slot” and wins are generated using clusters of symbols rather than paylines of winning opportunities.

11. Jackpot-Slot Machine

Jackpot slots include a guaranteed jackpot, which is the biggest prize possible after only one spin. They are not to be confused with progressive jackpots, which are also frequently referred to as an in-game jackpot.

12. Megaways

The game mechanics developed by Big Time Gaming, in which the size of the reels can change, altering the number of rows per reel and, consequently, the number of ways to win, can frequently reach 117,649, are referred to as “Megaways.”

13.Mobile Slots-Slot Machine

These are the casino slots available on mobile gaming sites for tablets or phones. You may play mobile slots on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Windows smartphones and tablets because they are often made using HTML5 and javascript.

14.Return to  Player(RTP)

Return to Player is the percentage of all bets that will be returned to players as winnings for a particular slot.

15. Big Bertha-Slot Machine

These are the large slot machines that are typically located close to the entrance of traditional brick and mortar casino. They are intended to catch the attention of onlookers who may otherwise pass by and fail to notice that there is a casino.

16. Video Slots

Unlike mechanical games, video slots don’t have any moving parts. On a screen with stunning images and music effects, spinning reels are replicated. All slots available online are video slots.

17. Variance- Slot Machine

The constancy of a game is referred to as slot machine variance. A high volatility has higher but fewer frequent winnings, while a low variance has frequent smaller prizes.

18.Cashback-Slot Machine

a compensation that a casino offers to a player. This is typically awarded to players in the form of credits or cash to their accounts and is calculated as a percentage of their total casino spending. As a result, once you’ve used up your money, the casino will reimburse you with €10 if you spend €100 and receive 10% cashback.

19. 3-Reel

A common online slot machine features three reels and three rows of symbols.


A  bonus feature that allows you to potentially multiply your profits by ten. Exciting. Nevertheless, just twice. Not very interesting.

In summary, It’s enjoyable to play slot machines. The terms used on this page for slots aren’t actually necessary to understand, although having a little extra information can’t hurt. Even without making a payment, you can practice playing the slots for free.

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