Top 10 Dart Game to Play with your Friends

Dart Game

Everyone can find dart games they enjoy playing with darts betting game sites.

There are countless alternatives, ranging from traditional games like Cricket and 301 to uncommon versions and local favorites like Grand National and Slider Darts. There is a game out there that is ideal for you, regardless of your skill level or preferred playing style.

Let’s dive in and examine some of the top dart games available right now.

Dart Game

1. Cricket Dart Game

On a typical dartboard with numbers 1 through 20, one of the most well-known darts games is called cricket. The objective is to hit targets three times faster than the competition in order to win points. By pressing closed digits once again, points can be earned. It can be played with two or more players, and the variations include solo or cooperative play.

2.  Nine Dart Finish

In the game of darts, the Nine Dart Finish is an honorable accomplishment. When a player can check out in only nine darts from a starting score of 501, it is considered to be the pinnacle of achievement for professional players. This means that a player must hit three triples in a succession, which is challenging even for seasoned players.

3. 501 Dart Game

Another form of dart games is called “501,” and it’s a well-liked and played darts game where players must get their beginning score of “501” down to exactly 0 with a double-out ending. Usually, the game is played by two individuals or two teams of individuals.

4. Round the Clock

Popular dart games Round the Clock is played on a regular dartboard. Players try to hit each number starting at 1 and ending at 20 in order as they play the game. Being the first player to hit every number in a row is the game’s goal.


A well-liked pub game that is enjoyed by friends and family is called Killer Dart. This game is simple to learn and is a good way to pass an enjoyable evening. The purpose of the game, which is played with a regular set of darts, is to remove other players by striking certain numbers on the board.

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6. Shanghai Dart Game

One popular dart game is called Shanghai, which is typically played by two players or teams. Players must hit certain numbers on the dartboard, which is how the game is played. To win the game, you must first hit a certain target number and then a double ring surrounding that number.

7. Baseball

Baseball is a well-liked dart game that requires two or more players. The game has comparable rules and guidelines to the traditional American sport of baseball. The goal of the game is to hit various areas of the dartboard in order to score the most runs.

8. Halve-It

For both newcomers and seasoned players, Halve-It is a straightforward and quick-paced dart game. In order to win, a player must hit a specified number or combination of numbers on the dartboard to cut their score in half.

9. Scram

Scram is a simple to learn and play dart game that is entertaining and fast-paced. The goal of the game is to strike particular dartboard numbers in a predetermined order as rapidly as you can. It can be played by two or more people. The game is won by the player who first hits every number in the predetermined order.

10. Golf

Famous dart game golf is played by two or more players. Being the first player to land a predetermined number of holes-in-one, represented by particular numbers on the dartboard, wins the game. Three darts are thrown at the board by each participant in turn, and the numbers hit are recorded to determine the score.

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