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One of the top websites to visit if you want to play some casino games online is Sky Vegas. Because Sky is one of the so-called “superbrands” and has significant media clout, its name being attached to a gambling enterprise gives you confidence that everything is legitimate. You should take a peek at Sky Vegas if you’ve never done so and you’re inclined to gamble. There are several really top-notch games on the service, and we’re about to list some of the best ones. These are the top games available right now on Sky Vegas.

1. Sky Roulette

As you might anticipate, some of the best Sky Vegas games are those that Sky itself develops and offers. One of these is Sky Roulette, which is plainly Sky’s interpretation of the traditional roulette game. It provides a pleasant, straightforward, basic roulette game with a respectable theoretical RTP (return to player) of 97.30%, which is decent for online roulette tables. A technical problem may abruptly interrupt your game, but there are fantastic features that let you keep playing without worrying about how it will affect your game.

2. Eye of Horus Slots

The Eye of Horus slot practically doesn’t require an introduction; it’s a traditional slot game with an Ancient Egyptian theme and an average RTP of 93%, which might not sound like much but is actually quite competitive with other slot games. The Big Win Board, which displays players who have won significant jackpots from significant spins on the board, is one of Eye of Horus’ most entertaining features. Watching someone else win large is pretty fun and increases the “immersion” of the slot game, even though gambling is just based on luck.

3. Sky Blackjack

A fantastic rendition of a traditional casino game is provided by Sky once more. Due to the fact that this is the American version of blackjack, winning requires only getting as near to 21 as you can. There are a ton of more rules, but you can learn them as you play; for the most part, it’s about understanding when to draw cards and when to stick so you don’t overplay. Even though it’s one of the easiest casino games to master, if you’re a fan of casinos, it’s worth giving this one a try because of its high RTP of 99% (yes, really).

4. Sky Video Poker

Even if we’re promoting a lot of Sky-based games, it makes sense to presume that Sky Vegas has the finest games as it is Sky! Given that you can’t see your opponents when playing video poker, the game’s observational element is useless. Video poker is played in a somewhat different manner than traditional poker. Instead, video poker is entirely about the cards, which puts a lot of reliance on luck. Check it out if you want a poker variant without all the unnecessary baggage; Sky’s rendition is as tidy and effective as you’d anticipate from this casino provider.

5. Golden Leprechaun Slots

The Golden Leprechaun slot game, which has a “luck of the Irish” theme, is a nice little diversion similar to the Eye of Horus game. You have many opportunities to win big because it has five reels and twenty pay lines, yet once again, this is purely up on luck. Along with fortunate lines, random bonuses, and other benefits, there are other things to look forward to. Given that this slot’s RTP is 94.19%, if you approach it with the appropriate attitude—one of enjoyment and levity—you’ll get a lot out of it.

6. Hi Lo Joker

Hi Lo is precisely as easy to learn as you may assume. All you have to do is predict which card the dealer will deal after that. There are no intricate procedures or challenging tactics involved; simply sheer guesswork. Hi Lo is one of the most thrilling casino games as a result of the equal stakes; no player has an advantage owing to prior knowledge, and there is essentially no way to cheat the house to acquire the desired result. Instead, this fantastic game, which you can check out right now on Sky Vegas, is just you, the dealer, and the game.

7. Book of Ra Magic

Similar to Eye of Horus, this is a well-known slot machine with a design that is inspired by Ancient Egypt. This time, though, there are 10 win lines to try to hit, and ten free spins are yours to keep if you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. This slot has an outstanding RTP of 95.03%, and you’ll love playing it, especially if you check it out on Sky Vegas’ stylish website. Like other slots, this one doesn’t ask for much of you; all you have to do is pull the figurative lever to find out if today is the day you strike it rich!


We sincerely hope that this guide to our favorite Sky Vegas games was useful. Sky Vegas casino gaming may be a lot of fun if you give yourself a manageable budget, enforce your boundaries, and approach it with the mindset of enjoying yourself rather than expecting to win.

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