WinStar Casino-Tips About The Biggest Casino in the USA

WinStar casino

WinStar casino is the biggest casino in the USA. You might be shocked to learn that the largest casino in the United States is actually in Oklahoma, given that Nevada tops the list for the number of casinos per capita.

The WinStar World Casino and Resort is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma, but there are other intriguing aspects of this enormous gambling complex. The largest casino in the United States is explained in the following.

WinStar casino
winstar casino

1. WinStar Casino Is The Largest In The World

Officially inaugurated in 2004, the WinStar Casino. It underwent an expansion and a name change to WinStar World Casino in 2009. Despite being the largest casino in the world at the time, at a staggering 370,000 square feet, it wasn’t. In Ledyard, Connecticut, at Foxwoods Resort Casino, that honor was rightfully theirs.

A new 1,000-room hotel tower was added to WinStar’s expansion in August 2013. Another casino was also included. It became the largest casino in the world as a result of this project and still holds the title today.

2. It Has The Most Games

Unsurprisingly, the largest casino in the United States also boasts the most games. The electronic slots and games at WinStar Casino number more than 8,600. Since there are 55 poker tables there, you can watch some thrilling action while you’re there! The casino includes more than 100 table games in total for you to enjoy, including craps, blackjack, and roulette. Last but not least, it offers a variety of high-limit rooms if you want to gamble lavishly and reap larger rewards.

3. You Can Play A Round At The WinStar Casino Golf Club

When on a casino vacation, playing the tables is clearly fun, but you might want to take a break and try your luck on the golf course. There are two 18-hole championship golf courses at the WinStar Casino Golf Club to choose from. Both were created by D. A. Weibring, a former PGA professional. The WinStar Golf Academy also provides private sessions if you need to work on your swing.

4. WinStar Casino Offers World-Class Entertainment

At WinStar Casino’s Global Event Centre, some of the biggest performers in the world have performed, including Jerry Seinfeld, Reba McIntyre, and Bob Dylan. This top-notch stage will only become better thanks to a brand-new entertainment arena that is now under construction.

5. Dining At WinStar Is Second To None

The WinStar Casino includes more than 20 restaurants, bars, cafes, and lounges, so you may find something to suit different taste preferences (or perhaps taste budgets). If you enjoy gourmet eating, try Mickey Mantle’s or Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse. The Gran Via Buffet will satisfy your desire for a sample of everything. Visit the Palladium Sports Lounge after dinner to watch a game and support your side in style.

6. WinStar Casino Has Great Promotions

The Casino has a ton of exclusive promotions and incentives for members and other players since everyone loves getting a little extra. Look for daily offers, golf discounts, drink and retail specials, and other promotions. New members can play with incentives worth up to $100 on their first day. Sign up for the Club Passport and newsletter to remain updated and to unlock and access all the fantastic bargains.


It’s worthwhile to stop at WinStar World Casino Resort if you’re planning a trip to Oklahoma in the near future. If not, you might have read enough to convince you to put it on your casino bucket list after all. This post should help you feel a little more prepared if and when you get the chance to visit.

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