Top 20 Roulette Terms-Glossary of Slang Terminology

Roulette Terms

We’ve developed a glossary to assist you in understanding the roulette terms that will frequently appear while you play online roulette, so keep reading to learn more. A straightforward game with French roots, roulette first appeared in the 18th century. Despite being a fairly straightforward online casino game, there are a number of words related to roulette that new players will need to become familiar with.


.Roulette Terms


1. American Roulette

Due to the increased house edge, this is one of the worst roulette game variations for the gambler. The 0 and 00 spots on the wheel are not represented by the colors red or black. They are often green and increase the overall house advantage to over 5%.

2. Bankroll-Roulette Terms

Your spending limit for the roulette game. Before you begin, decide on this level, and don’t go above it.

3. Biased Wheel

A wheel that is not balanced and may have a skew to certain “hot zones” in a land-based casino or live roulette studio.

4. Card Roulette

A conventional deck of playing cards with two jokers is used for the variation known as Card Roulette. Both European and American roulette have the same house advantage.

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5. Chase Your Losses

To try and make up for your losses, place ever larger bets on a string of losses. Not a wise course of action for any length of time. You should minimize your losses. Loss chasing takes the form of the Martingale Strategy. Short bursts of it can be effective, but use caution.

6. Call Bets -Roulette Terms

These are wagers that are placed orally without the use of chips. However, after declaring your stake in some real money casinos, you have to instantly place your chips on the table.

7. Chip

In contrast to regular chips, roulette chips are unique. They are not marked, available in a variety of colors, and often have a single value, such as $10. This will make it easier for the dealer to determine whose chips are whose. In order to defraud casinos of their money, the Ohio roulette Scam employed this technique.

8. D’Alembert System-Roulette Terms

An effective roulette strategy that involves increasing your stake by 1 (or multiples of 1) after a loss and lowering it by 1 (or multiples of 1) after a win.

9. Dolly

An effective roulette strategy that involves increasing your stake by 1 (or multiples of 1) after a loss and lowering it by 1 (or multiples of 1) after a win.

10. Double Zero-Roulette Terms

the additional green ’00’ pocket on an American roulette wheel. ‘Double Zero Roulette’ is another name for American roulette.

11. European Roulette

the most popular roulette variant in Europe and Asia. The green single-zero (0) pocket roulette wheel has a lower house edge than American roulette.

13. En Prison

One of the terms used in roulette that is frequently misunderstood is this one. When the number 0 appears and you have placed an even-money bet in French Roulette, this rule states that your bet will carry over to the next spin. You essentially receive an additional spin.

The second time you lose, you forfeit your wager; whereas, the first time you win, you receive your stake back (but not the winnings). As a result, the house advantage on even money wagers is now just 1.35%.

14. Eagle Slot

a large space that served the same function as the two Zero squares on early American wheels and was located next to them. Given that the early versions of these tables only ran up to 28 digits instead of the 36 in more recent versions, it provided the house a rather significant advantage. Eagle slot tables are now prized collectibles.

15. European Wheel/Table-Roulette Terms

A roulette wheel with only one zero. En Prison and La Partage are two possible extra rules, though you might only find these on French wheels sometimes. Additionally, the latter frequently include a Racetrack and specialty wagers like Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins. Therefore, European Wheels tend to be considerably more straightforward than French Wheels. On European tables, many casinos (especially those online) combine features of the two, though the specific regulations will differ. The house advantage on a European Wheel will be 2.7% assuming a single zero and no En Prison/La Partage restrictions. This would be reduced to 1.4% under La Partage/En Prison.

16. Francois Blanc

The original roulette pioneer. He assisted in running the Monte Carlo casino alongside his brother, making it the world’s gambling hub. It is said that in exchange for success in the gambling business, he sold his soul to the devil.

17. French Wheel/Table-Roulette Terms

The Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins side bets on a roulette wheel with only one zero. To make this wager easier to play, a racetrack is typically provided. Also supporting the La Partage/En Prison regulations are French Wheels. The house edge on French tables is the smallest of all, coming in at just 1.4% thanks to these several factors. The distinction between French and European roulette wheels isn’t always as clear-cut as it may be at many casinos. European Wheel and American Wheel are other options.

18.Inside Bet

The roulette table’s fundamental layout consists of a main grid of numbers (ranging from 1-36) and a variety of different bets (such as Even, Odd, Red, Black, and so forth) that are dispersed throughout. Any wager that involves betting on the primary number grid is referred to as an inside bet. For instance, a wager on “1” or the junction of the lines 1, 2, 4, and 5 would both be considered an inside wager. Streets and corners are furthermore inside bets. View the Outside Bet page.


On the wheel, the numbers 6, 34, and 17 are situated close to one another. However, because of their spatial separation, they are referred to as orphans. Those who play French roulette typically use this phrase in Europe. Some bet on the orphans repeatedly in the hopes that the ball would land in that area and land on one of these numbers.

20. Pockets – Roulette Terms

Pockets are the little slits on the wheel that are located beneath the numerals on the ball. Depending on where pocket the ball lands in, that particular spin and betting round’s winning number will be revealed.


If you’re new to roulette, you may use this page as a resource to learn more about the details of this thrilling game. To hone your strategy and test out various betting etiquette, you can also try playing online roulette.

Wishing you luck!

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