The Ultimate Glossary of Blackjack Terms and Slang-Part 1

Blackjack Terms

Over the years, BLACKJACK, the casino game with the highest level of popularity globally, has amassed a significant amount of slang and jargon. Knowing the most frequent terms used at the table will improve your knowledge of both online and live play, and knowing each move can frequently mean the difference between winning or losing a hand. Additionally, it’s critical to comprehend the lingo used in blackjack so you can grasp what the dealer and/or other players are saying.

We’ve compiled this list of blackjack terms to serve as a blackjack glossary or dictionary since as a beginner player, you will frequently hear blackjack players utilizing a lot of blackjack lingo. You can use this as a quick reference when you hear a blackjack term you don’t understand, or you can go through the list to become comfortable with the blackjack

Blackjack Terms

A-Blackjack Terms

Action-Blackjack Terms 

The amount of money staked. The amount in play on a specific wager or the sum of all bets placed over a specific time period. typically uttered by a host or pitboss while sporting an expensive-looking suit and ROLEX. “That guy is providing us with good action.”


An ace card’s (A) value in blackjack can either be 1 or 11.

Anchorman-Blackjack Terms 

Before the dealer, the anchorman is the last player to act.


BANKROLL-Blackjack Terms 

The funds you have set aside specifically to play with make up your bankroll. A bankroll is not the sum of your bank accounts. You should always set a budget and adhere to it when playing real money casino games. This will help you to gamble responsibly.

Balanced Count

This is a component of a card counting scheme that gives equal weight to positive and negative cards. It is a balanced count if the running count at the end of a deck of cards is zero.


It is the name of the game, indeed. With a total of 21, it’s also the highest hand you can get. An ace and a 10 or image card are the components of a blackjack.


Each player’s betting area is located in front of them. For your cards and chips, there will be outlines.


Before you can start succeeding at blackjack, you must learn to recognize when you’ve lost. A hand totaling more than 21 points is referred to as a “Bust,” which indicates an inevitable defeat.

Burn card

When dealers switch or shuffle the deck in the middle of a casino table game, they discard the card at the top of the deck.


Making your first wager at a blackjack game in an online casino is all it takes to buy in.


Camouflage-Blackjack Terms

The phrase “camouflage betting” refers to card counting in land-based casinos. while you raise your stake while the count is favorable, you are seeming to be playing casually. Camouflage betting is just as important for card counters as being able to keep track of the cards.

Chipping down or up

In a game of blackjack, chip down means to reduce your wager from what you bet in the previous round. When you’re feeling lucky, you should increase it by adding.

Color up

For the purpose of trading in your lower value chips for ones of higher value. Doing this prior to leaving a blackjack table is considered polite manners since it may prevent the dealer from running out of lower-value chips.

Cut Card

The dealer requests one player to cut the deck with a cut card whenever a new shoe, complete with shuffled cards, is introduced. When the action with that shoe is completed and a new one is needed, the cut card indicates that.

D-Blackjack Terms


Double After Splitting (DAS) and No Double After Splitting (NDAS) are two terms used in blackjack. Players who divide their hands can benefit from the DAS rule by doubling down on either one or all of them.

Deck Penetration

the portion of hands dealt from a deck or shoe before reshuffle. referred to as “pen” and is typically the major subject of crude jokes and allusions when a group of card counters gets together.

Double or double down

This phrase describes increasing your wager in exchange for an extra card. After that, you are unable to hit, but if you do, you stand to win twice your initial wager.

Double exposure

Blackjack is a game in which both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. This variation is called double exposure. Players are unable to buy any insurance or surrender in this variation.

E-Blackjack Terms

Even money

In most cases, you can buy insurance if the dealer holds an ace. In contrast, you’ll win even money if you receive a blackjack hand. You can accept a payout of 1:1 and keep playing cards thanks to the even-money rule. The hand proceeds normally if you turn down the offer.

F-Blackjack Terms

Face Cards

A Jack, Queen, or King card in any suit. simply put, the cards having faces on them! View Paint.

Five-card Charlie

Blackjack hands with five cards that don’t go over 21 are known as “Five-Card Charlies.” The hand wins in the event of a draw because, in some games, a Five-Card Charlie is valued higher than a comparable hand with fewer cards.

Flat Betting

Over the course of the entire game, or at least a significant amount of time, you consistently wager the same amount per hand.

H-Blackjack Terms


The deck of cards you have during a round of blackjack.

Hand Spreading

To spread your hands means to play two hands at once. The amount of hands you can play every hour is doubled, but it won’t affect your odds.

Hard Hand

An ace is not part of a hard hand. This means that, as opposed to two choices with a soft hand, there is only one conceivable value among your cards.

Heads Up

There is only one player in this game, and the dealer. Outside of choices for a live dealer, this is how most online games are played.

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