The Ultimate Glossary of Blackjack Terms and Slang-Part 2

Blackjack Terms

We started analyzing the glossary of the popular blackjack terms in the previous article.

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Blackjack Terms



Insurance is a side wager that the dealer has a natural blackjack and is handled separately from the primary wager. When the dealer’s exposed card is an ace, this option is available and pays 2:1 (the player gets two dollars for every dollar wagered).

Index Number

Card counters can change their strategy by using a variable number called an index number. If there are several high-value cards left in the deck, for instance, the index number might advise standing rather than hitting.

Illustrious 18

These are the 18 various iterations of Don Schlesinger’s blackjack approach. Players might modify their tactics when playing these variants to take advantage of their possibilities to the fullest.


Kelly Betting

J.L. Kelly Jr. developed a betting strategy known as Kelly Betting or the Kelly Criterion. At any moment in a blackjack game, this formula assists experienced players in choosing the ideal bet size.

Knockout Count

The KO Count, regarded as the most basic card counting method, concentrates only on a running count rather than a genuine count. It caters for many decks and is a fantastic place to start learning card counting because it is straightforward yet efficient.

Ken Uston

Author of The Big Player, whose exposure of teamwork to the public led to a dispute with Al Francesco. responsible for preventing New Jersey from outlawing card counters.


Late Surrender (LS)

As soon as the dealer has checked for blackjack, you can give up your hand and half of your wager.

Loaded deck

There are several expensive cards in this deck. Due to the dealer’s inability to double or split, which both increase your chances of winning, this gives you the upper hand.


Martingale System- Blackjack Terms

The Martingale System allows you to continue increasing your bet after each loss in an effort to both recover those losses and your starting investment. This can quickly become unsustainable and, in order to be guaranteed to work, calls for a limitless bankroll. Negative advice!

Money Management -Blackjack Terms

In blackjack, a face card is referred to as a “monkey”; the name is common in Asian culture.


To make it harder for players to count cards when playing blackjack, there are typically more than one deck

in the shoe. It becomes more challenging to count cards when there are more decks. In our strategy guide, learn more about card counting.


Natural Blackjack / Natural- Blackjack Terms

A natural blackjack is a 21 obtained after receiving an ace and a 10-value card at the same time. A natural Blackjack will almost always result with a larger payout. In the majority of games, splitting 10s or aces followed by a blackjack do not count as natural outcomes.


No Doubling After Splitting, as the name implies. This may put you at a disadvantage, particularly if your deck is full.

Negative Count- Blackjack Terms

A negative count occurs when a card counter has a count that is less than zero. At this point, you should place little bets and wait it out.

No Win

The dealer has the advantage today, or it’s a push, in which case you get your stake back.

NRSA- Blackjack Terms

It means “No Resplitting Aces.” After splitting an ace pair, you cannot split the second pair if one of the original aces gets another ace dealt upon it.



Players may be heard pleading to “see some paint” in the background. They’re trying to locate a face card with the value 10.


Players may be heard pleading to “see some paint” in the background. They’re trying to locate a face card with the value 10.

Pat Hand

A strong hand that won’t need to be hit, typically one with values between 17 and 21. Blackjack and several other card games now employ the phrase, which was first used in poker.

Perfect Play

To play your hand utilizing the standard blackjack approach.

Progressive Betting

Since progressive betting calls for doubling your wager after each loss until you win, we do not advise it. This is only advantageous to people with limitless resources.



By splitting your cards twice, we mean this. Consider splitting a pair of 10s into two pieces, then having another 10 land on one of the pieces. The next split of this second pair of 10s would be a resplit. Study up on splitting pairs.



The box on the table that the cards are dealt from and placed in is this one. The term derives from a time when the boxes resembled high heels. These days, shoes tend to be a little more understated in appearance.

Side Bet

A side bet is a wager placed on a blackjack game rather than on the actual blackjack game itself. A common side bet involves placing a wager on a player’s two cards and one of the dealers in an effort to put together a strong poker hand.

Single Deck

You’ll only have one deck of cards in the shoe when playing a single deck game. In particular, if deck penetration is high, this is a card counter’s fantasy scenario.

Sit and Go

These are presumably the most informal competitions available. They are appropriate for both Ploppies and Whales because to the variety of buy-in amounts. When there are enough players seated at the table, the tournament begins. The rules and duration of play are adjustable.

Soft Hand

This occurs when you have an ace in your hand, which has a value of either 1 or 11. In essence, a single hand has two alternative values. For instance, if you hold an ace and a four, you also hold the numbers 5 and 15 in your hand at the same time.


True Count

You have both a true count and a running count when using complicated card counting algorithms. In order to avoid false-positive counts that lead to errors, the true count modifies the running count to account for how many decks are still in the shoe.

Unbalanced Card-Counting System

Different values are assigned to positive and negative cards in an imbalanced card counting system. The method is referred described as unbalanced because, if you were to count an entire 52-card deck, you would not reach zero.


A standard bet size.


One card that may be seen from the dealer. This is crucial for strategy since with some hands, you’ll have to decide whether to hit or stand based on the card the dealer is showing.

In summary, the advantage of playing blackjack online is that none of these phrases are necessary. As you hone your abilities, take a seat back and unwind. You can play without spending any money, but if you feel comfortable, make your first deposit, take advantage of your bonus, and try to win some money.

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